Discover Sensei and other new ways to maximize uptime.

Your plant has great opportunities to approach equipment reliability more comprehensively, strategically and effectively.

Sensei Real-Time Lubrication Intelligence from Trico monitors lubrication conditions in key equipment, anticipating failure risks so you can prevent problems before they occur (as well as avoid unnecessary maintenance).

Watch this video to get a sense of what it can do for your plant.


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Interested in a Sensei Sneak Peek?

You might find it helpful to test this technology out first on a few critical machines, such as boiler feedwater pumps. Click below to learn a little more about Sensei.

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More support for reliability.

For starters, the Trico team can give you a demo of Sensei. In addition, we can also take a closer look at your facility’s lubrication processes and offer some ideas for improvements. Including reorganizing lube storage, optimizing filtration and implementing a comprehensive lubrication management program that ensures all your critical equipment stays properly lubricated at all times.

Here’s one more opportunity you might like: For each Sensei oiler, we’ll provide analytics and oil analysis free for one year to help uncover deeper insights about your equipment that you can use to maximize uptime and optimize performance.

It’s up to you what path you pursue. Just let us know your interests and we’ll be in touch.